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Magic Pointer Suite

Magic Pointer Suite is the most affordable hardware-agnostic solution that works with all your current meeting room equipment, quickly transforms any surface into an interactive display and takes your meetings to the next level


An all-in-one solution
for smarter meetings


Magic Pointer works with all your current meeting room equipment and quickly transforms any surface into an interactive display.

Apps and OS friendly

Share your screen wirelessly from any device. Keep using your favorite apps and tools to merge content from different sources.

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Now including Re Mago Workspace for real-time collaboration


Collaborate with your team members in real time. Easily join a meeting with a single tap and start sharing documents, photos and files.

Automatic recap

When the meeting ends, a recap is ready to be saved and shared with all your team. Never lose your notes again!

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Mago Tools

Mago Stylus

Mago Stylus

Add magic to your surface

Mago Stylus transforms your projector, tv, wall or any other surface into an interactive touch device

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Mago Marker

Mago Marker

Write anywhere, capture everything

Mago Marker turns your sketches from any surface into digital notes and syncs in real time with any device

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Mago Pen

Mago Pen

The natural way to capture your brilliant thoughts

Mago Pen lets you save, share and organize notes and sketches using real ink and real paper

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