Workspace App

Real-time collaboration,
without limits

Now included in Magic Pointer Suite

Boost meeting engagement and productivity

Workspace App is a powerful real-time collaboration whiteboard that works with all your devices. Now featured in the Magic Pointer Suite.

About Magic Pointer Suite
Unify content

Import data from different sources such as images, videos, documents, PDFs, web pages and more

Easy Join

Colleagues and team mates can join a meeting on-the-fly via QR Code or PIN

Think Faster

Save time thanks to an intuitive interface that lets you see the big picture


Better together

Real-time collaboration

Users can collaborate in real time on the same canvas and objects. Everything is always synced to all the participants.

Join the meeting from any device

Workspace App works with devices running Windows 10+ and will be soon available for iOS, Android and macOS platforms.

Work with any data

Workspace App lets you import multiple objects into the canvas from many different sources. Move, rotate and zoom elements to create your ideal workspace. Take notes inside objects, showcase documents, create infinite slides.








Never lose your
meeting recap

When the meeting ends, a recap is ready to be saved and shared with all of your team mates

Save what you want

Choose which pages you want to save. Select the original documents that have been shared during the meeting and include them in the final recap.

Record and share videos

Easily record the screen and the audio of the meeting session. At the end, share them with your colleagues and never lose relevant steps.

Keep everything safe

Workspace App keeps all your files safe. Each meeting has its own dedicated space to avoid confusion and data theft among different meetings.